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5th Jan 2011 -
 Multiple benefits in sunscreen formulations

2nd Aug 2010 -
 Benefits of Topical Application of Coffee

9th Jul 2010 -
 Ophthalmologic test on baby shampoos

8th Jul 2010 -
 Turmeric - More than Just Another Pretty Spice

24th Aug 2007 -
 Ciba introduces a new, multifunctional rheology modifier for skin care

2nd Aug 2007 -
 Natural raw materials from Degussa

6th Jul 2007 -
 Human Study finds that Aloe vera enhances bioavailability of vitamins B12 and C and ORAC among mature adults

8th Mar 2007 -
 Control Moisture Flux at the Cellular Level with DermaFlux?

8th Dec 2005 -
 A New Ingredient with Immunomodulating and soothing effect for Sensitive skin.

8th Jul 2005 -
 Maybrook, a TRI-K company, announceds the launch of its new Barla-Tein Pro, a protein for personal care

7th Jun 2005 -
 Cremogen Laminaria Saccharina ? an effective MMP-9 inhibitor

10th May 2005 -
 BASF launches new UV absorber

7th Dec 2004 -
 SDK develops new stabilized vitamin C for anti-aging

6th Dec 2004 -
 CTFA comments on concern for methylisothiazolinone exposure

22nd Nov 2004 -
 Rooibos ? a trendsetter from South Africa with proven antioxidant activity

17th Nov 2004 -
 An apple a day does keep doctor away

21st Oct 2004 -
 Melanin may increase UV damage in skin

14th Oct 2004 -
 Aloe Vera Linked to Significant Health Improvements in Diabetics

12th Sep 2004 -
 Effect of Aloe vera preparations on the human bioavailability of vitamins C and E

12th Aug 2004 -
 Beta-carotene boosts skin health, suggests study