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Schülke & Mayr GmbH was founded in 1889 in Hamburg, Germany by Rudolf Schülke and Julius Mayr. In 1993 the company moved to Glashütte, in Norderstedt, Germany. Since 1996 we have been part of the Air Liquide Group, a world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment.

We are an international leader in the areas of hygiene and prevention of infection, Microbiological Quality Management (MQM) and chemical technical preservation. We supply disinfectants, antiseptics, preservatives, biocides, medical skin care products, an active substance for deodorants and system cleaners, thus offering comprehensive protection against harmful organisms – whether they be disease pathogens or spoilage organisms.

Product Development

In the 125 years that we have been in business there have been a number of significant improvements in product development:

• 1892 - success in combatting the cholera epidemic in Hamburg with lysol®, which was the first branded consumer disinfectant
• 1913 - sagrotan®, a disinfectant for the consumer market, the first branded product within the industry
• 1924 - grotan®, a branded biocide, yet again another first within the industry
• 1990 - octenisept®, a wound disinfectant, the first to be completely ‘painless’
• 1993 - sensiva® SC 50, a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient
• 2004 - euxyl® PE 9010, an innovative cosmetic preservative based on phenoxyethanol

We at Schülke have the most advanced computer controlled equipment used in the manufacturing of a range of high quality products used in hygiene and cross-infection control. Our research, advanced technology, quality control are at the forefront of our product development.

The emergence of new, more resistant strains of micro organisms has led to great challenges in the field of hygiene and cross-infection control. Improved, in-depth knowledge of microbiology has resulted in the development and production of efficient products which are safe to use.

Throughout the world our trained professionals are always available to offer quality service, training and comprehensive advice.

Corporate Standards and Quality

The Schülke trademark is recognised and respected worldwide throughout the cosmetic industry. We take great pride in the knowledge that our customers are aware of our high company standards and superior quality of our products. The company constantly strives to improve existing high standards through research, individual customer advice, combining a comprehensive, efficient and reliable service.

Over the years we have gained a wealth of experience, together with an in-depth knowledge of our customers’ requirements, which has resulted in superior products which are produced in Germany and distributed by our many subsidiaries world-wide. Cross-infection control is now a universal problem for which Schülke has developed an excellent range of successful products.

Research and Development

Schülke have always recognised the importance of quality research. Our research and development facility uses the most advanced and modern equipment and is one of the largest in Europe. Our dedicated professionals are amongst world leaders in the fields of chemical and microbiological research. Experts throughout the world have acknowledged the in-depth scientific study which has led to the availability of our superior range of quality products.

Many researchers and other international authorities who work with us are members of recognised advisory committees and panels who formulate modern hygiene and cross-infection guidelines. We value the advice of these experts, where this has resulted in our extensive knowledge of hygiene and cross-infection control and we are always ready to release up to date information to our customers.

Emerging trends and developments in cross-infection control are an important factor which influences the development of new products within our research and development facility.

Safety and the Environment

Whilst recognising that products are of good quality, they must also be effective. Schülke have never neglected environmental issues in the production of such products. We have received many significant awards recognising our work in this field.

Toxicology and the protection of the environment have always been of the utmost importance to us when developing products which are not only efficient in use but, more importantly, safe to use.

We are committed to maintaining the production of environmentally safe products used throughout the healthcare profession.

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