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Clariant is a global leader in specialty chemicals. Strong business relationships, commitment to outstanding service and wide-ranging application know-how make Clariant a preferred partner.

Clariant, represented on five continents with over 100 group companies, employs more than 20,000 people. Headquartered in Muttenz, it generated sales of around CHF 8.5 billion in 2007.

Personal Care is one of the core businesses of the Functional Chemicals Division offering a range of safe and effective products tailored to personal needs. Our experienced team works very successfully in developing innovative products to meet the latest market trends. Find the perfect solution with Clariant.

Clariant's Personal Care group offers a variety of products which contribute to one of the broadest ranges in the market. This range offers safe and effective products tailored to your personal needs. Our experienced team works very successfully in developing innovative products to meet the latest market trends and find the perfect solution for your requirements. The secret of all body care products lies in their formula: the right blend of raw materials, active ingredients and perfumes. Due to this fact our R&D team works constantly on improving our offered materials resulting in a better performance of your finished products.

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Skin Care

We make it possible for you to formulate your creams and lotions in an easy and safe way. New EO-free products like Hostcerin EWO or Emulsogen SFO have extended our range of effective emulsifiers.

Allantoin, with its proven track record, has been combined with other active ingredients in order to further enhance performance. SilCare Silicones, our organomodified silicones provide unique functionalities and offer new possibilities in the skin care application field. Aristoflex AVC and Aristoflex HMB open the door to emulsifier-free systems for very light formulations.

Furthermore Clariant is one of the few companies which can offer the complete range of polyethylene glycols with a molecular weight from 200 up to 35,000 and in different physical forms.

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Hair & Skin Cleansing

Our portfolio includes a broad range of surfactant specialties, like isethionates, acyl glutamates or taurates to give your formulations a milder quality. We can help you find the right balance between cleansing and mildness.

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Hair Care

Clariant offers you a variety of emulsifiers, cationic surfactants, styling polymers and silicones. Amongst a large number of guide formulations, you can find unique solutions for nearly all requirements.

If you are looking for clear anti-dandruff shampoos, we recommend Octopirox which has proven a very effective and safe active ingredient.

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Other Applications

Next to our activities in the field of hair care, skin care and cleansing, our R&D is constantly investing its efforts also into other application fields.

As a result, Clariant's range of formulations is expanding nearly every day, so there is still a lot to come in the future. Dental care formulations containing our Polyethylene Glycols antiperspirants including our Locron-Grades and decorative cosmetics are only a small choice of our possibilities to offer you tailored solutions fit to up-to-date market trends.

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