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Dermatest® was founded in 1978 by Dr. med. Werner Voss, a specialist in dermatology, venerology and allergology.

The company has grown steadily over the years, employing highly qualified scientists who are experts in the field of dermatology, thus providing excellent service and generating exceptionally reliable results.

For 35 years, Dermatest® has offered an extensive portfolio of standard and individual test designs to assess the safety and efficacy of cosmetic products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

As a company, we offer specialised solutions, test designs for dermatological, allergological and cosmetic research under dermatological supervision. This guarantees maximum safety for sponsors, customers and test volunteers.

With very special study designs we cooperate with other medical specialists (e.g. ophthalmologists, paediatricians, dentists and gynaecologists). Dermatest®'s customers appreciate our flexibility, together with dermatological experience and excellent supervision.

Dermatest® provides expert information both on necessary and reasonable tests ensuring the best study design for their customers' products ensuring safety and efficacy.

With on-going training and education this enables the company to keep up to date with the latest trends in cosmetology and dermatology. Inventing and processing new test methods and in-vitro skin modelling are further areas of expertise (e.g. phenion®, skinethics®).

With an extensive and expanding pool of test volunteers Dermatest® guarantees fast and efficient recruiting, thus performing customers' tests on schedule.

As a company we have developed our own quality management system, which has been accredited by the independent Rhineland technical inspectorate, TÜV Rheinland, whose role it is to set standards.

The 'Original Dermatest®' seal stands as a guarantee for the reproducibility of test methods. Additionally, it provides reassurance for consumers and manufacturers. Three levels of the seal are available:

• The basic level. Products awarded this seal live up to the promise of the tested and    confirmed quality.

• Where more intricate testing methods are involved, the seal is accompanied by a big promise: the three-star guarantee. It is not only    impressive but verifiable too.

• The five-star guarantee stands for the most sophisticated application tests, whose conclusiveness has been established with the greatest    precision. This seal is also emblazoned with the impressive statement 'Clinically tested'.


• Patch tests according to international guidelines
• Repetitive patch tests
• Photo-patch tests
• Clinical dermatological application and safety-in-use-tests also in combination with other medical specialisations (ophthalmology,paediatrics,
   dentistry and gynaecology)
• Optical 3D measurements of the skin with the Primos device according to DIN 4768ff
• 3D FaceScan measurements of the complete face or body parts
• Light protection measurements according to DIN, COLIPA and Australian Standard
• Skin moisture and sebum determination
• Dermatological hair studies (Trichoscan)
• Ultrasound determination of the skin with the Dermascan C
• Digital surface microscopy (VHX, Vivascope)
• Skin elasticity measurements, TEWL measurements, pH measurements
• Digital photo documentation
• Computer based literature research
• Dermatological/allergological training and lectures
• Safety assessments
• Notification of cosmetic products
• In vitro skin modelling for evaluation of safety and inflammatory markers
• In vitro skin models for efficacy determination by evaluation of histological analysis, epidermal changes before and after product application.

Below is a List of Dermatest®'s Highly Qualified Professionals

Dr. med. Werner Voss, dermatologist
Dr. med. Gerrit Schlippe, dermatologist
Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Ilsabe Bunge, dermatologist and certified food chemist
Dr. rer. nat. Michael Bayer, biologist
Dr. rer. nat. Lars Rüther, biologist
Dr. rer. nat. Imke Schmidt, biologist
Dr. rer. nat. Liane Bolke, biologist
Dr. rer. nat. Sarah Risse, biologist
Kornelia Sievert, certified food chemist
Timo Ulrichs, certified food chemist

Contact Details

Dermatest GmbH
Engelstrasse 37
D 48143 Muenster

Tel: +49 251 4816370
Fax: +49 251 48163766