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The Unguator Electro Mortar & Pestle machines, jars, and accessories were originally developed by a German pharmacist who was tired of the inconsistent results and messy, time-consuming process of primitive mixing and testing methods. The need for a more consistent protocol of blending and dispensing cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other preparations prompted him to set out and address the short-comings of old fashioned techniques. Continued dedication to development with both final product and operator in mind has resulted in a new standard of laboratory blending and testing.

The Unguator product assortment facilitates the hygienic preparation, testing, and manufacture of the following formulations:

• Ointments
• Creams
• Suspensions
• Gels
• Lotions

• Pastes
• Powders
• Liquids
• Oils
• Other laboratory compounds

Since its market inception in 1994, the Unguator electro mortar & pestle has gained global recognition and is currently employed by thousands of laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics in nearly 30 countries worldwide. The easy-to-operate technology has proven effective in a host of industries ranging from the most delicate formulations in healthcare and cosmetics to industrial paint coloring.

Regardless of the application, the common needs for our clients are the consistent, accurate results achieved only in a closed environment. The Unguator system provides all the advantages of a sealed atmosphere in table top form. Through employing the Unguator technology for their testing and small scale manufacturing requirements, many laboratories have been able to conduct “on-site” pilot studies, avoiding the need to send samples to a central testing facility. Additionally, the versatility and superior mixing results afforded by the system have provided laboratories many unique solutions and opportunities through extended mixing parameters.

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