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For over 20 years, Celsis rapid detection systems have been helping manufacturers of consumer and pharmaceutical products rapidly screen their products for microbial contamination in as few as 18-24 hours (vs. 3-7 days or more with traditional methods). With over 800 installations in more than 65 countries and a global network of service and support partners, Celsis is qualified to work with companies of all sizes who want to reduce the delays and associated costs of lengthy micro-hold times.

Hundreds of manufacturing facilities worldwide have saved millions of dollars by adopting a Celsis rapid detection system.

Celsis Systems Allow Customers To:
• Shorten production cycle times
• Decrease working capital requirements
• Reduce inventory requirements
• Decrease safety stock
• Receive earlier notification in the event of a contamination
• Reduce warehouse space costs

Financial Impact Assessment
With our Financial Impact Assessment (FIA), we can evaluate the cost savings of implementing a Celsis system into companies' manufacturing facilities. Using readily available company-specific information, our FIA projects a 5-year Net Present Value (NPV) of companies' investment in our system. The 5-year NPV for the average manufacturing facility is typically in excess of $500,000. Contact us and request a Celsis custom Financial Impact Assessment.

See how we can help you reduce operating costs and deliver quality products to your customers faster.

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