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BASF Cosmetic Solutions creates cosmetic ingredients (UV filters, actives and cosmetic polymers) that bring efficacy and value to consumer products such as sunscreens, skin care creams and lotions, and hair care products.

With the recent acquisition of Engelhard, BASF adds to its existing product offering a broad portfolio of active ingredients and effect pigments that provide lustre, complex colour, dimensionality and other visual effects to cosmetics. BASF also offers a comprehensive range of aroma chemicals used by the flavour and fragrance industry, among others, in the compounding of fragrances for cosmetics, detergents and household cleaning products.

Customer service

BASF's objective is to achieve a Best-in-Class supplier status among our customers. An integral part of our business strategy is a program designed to drive improvements in Supply Chain Management based on extensive customer surveys and reviews of internal procedures. Our services include Vendor-Assisted Managed Inventory and Supply Chain Consulting. For further information, please contact your BASF sales representative.




Our product managers and marketing professionals work closely with our sales representatives, technical services experts and other support teams to serve the needs of our customers. Marketing ensures that the latest information regarding our products and services - whether commercially or technically-oriented - is available and is communicated effectively.


Technical service

The Technical Service center for North America in Roxbury, New Jersey, U.S.A., provides technical assistance to our customers in Canada, Mexico and the United States. With well over 50 years of combined experience, the team in Roxbury can help you with your formulation problems, and can provide many types of formulation prototypes to get you started on new product development projects.

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