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Since 1925 we have made our name as a customer focused manufacturer of innovative, naturally based specialty chemicals. We have occupied our head office at Cowick Hall in the North East of the United Kingdom since 1955 and have been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1964. We are now a global organisation with manufacturing sites in 17 locations and operations in 33 countries across six continents.

The products that are manufactured across the group are sold into two key market areas: Consumer Care and Industrial Specialties. In each of these markets we design innovative products that meet both the demanding performance requirements of our customers and the current and future needs of consumers.

We design and manufacture chemicals that help our customers use less energy-intensive processes, or that provide tangible environmental benefits for consumers. We are committed to being an ethical company that cares about the safety of our employees, neighbours and anyone who uses goods that contain our products. We have a commitment to use renewable resources wherever reasonably practical and to compare every new product that we launch against the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.

Personal Care

Over the last decade, Croda's skin, sun and hair care technologists have opened up new vistas for manufacturers with the creation of unique and patented technologies designed to answer current and future market trends. An optimised mix of natural raw material sourcing combined with creative chemistry enables Croda to offer exceptional solutions to the challenges facing our customers.

Supported by proven efficacy testing, Croda's wide and diverse product range combines functionality with innovation to deliver sophisticated ingredients and actives that meet the needs of specific consumer demands.

Beyond speciality ingredients, Croda's expertise in formulation development, claims substantiation, market analysis and regulatory support provides customers with immediate access to all services that are essential for successful personal care product development and implementation.


Crodarom, a French subsidiary of the Croda International Group, manufactures a wide, exciting and innovative range of plant extracts dedicated to personal care. Founded in 1998 by the merger of two companies, Crodarom perfectly unites the technology of Phybiotex and the vast knowledge of botanicals acquired over decades by Novarom.

The company operates to the highest ethical standards using, wherever possible, products derived from plants that are organically cultivated, without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilisers.


Founded in 1964, Sederma became a member of the Croda International Group in 1997. Located near Paris France, Sederma is dedicated to the development of active ingredients and the creation of innovative concepts for cosmetics, based on the mastery of biotechnology, fine chemistry and vegetal extraction. The company specialises in a wide range of cosmetic ingredients for skin and hair care products which are sold internationally to all major cosmetic manufacturers.


Seatons was established in Yorkshire, England in 1840, the original business being based on the production of colza oil, now known as rapeseed oil, as an illuminant. During the following century the company developed a wider range of products and was acquired by Croda International in 1970. Seatons now operates to meet the needs of their worldwide customers by supplying a full range of natural oils, butters, waxes and their derivatives for personal care applications.

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