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A Division of Dow Chemical Company.

Personal Care Preservatives

Boasting one of the industry's largest and most diverse product portfolios, Dow Biocides offers a product for just about every type of microbial challenge and system requirement. The performance capabilities range from high to low pH performance, quick kill to sustained performance and a range of registrations unparalleled in the industry.

With the almost unlimited number of potential combinations of ingredients for cosmetic and personal care products, a single preservative is unlikely to be compatible with all formulations. The Dow portfolio of preservatives, however, contains both water- and oil-soluble preservatives, suitable for a wide array of personal care formulations. Solutions to your microbial problems, including industrial hygiene, lie in our diverse and versatile antimicrobial agents, and with our talented scientific staff.

Our knowledgeable and qualified staff of microbiologists and chemists is available to answer questions and provide technical assistance so that problems can be resolved and solutions can be found quickly, easily, and with greater assurance that itís the optimum answer and not just one that works. We also have a series of regional laboratories to support and respond to your requests. Our labs are globally networked to take maximum advantage of years of combined experience, and yet they are conveniently located to address your regional needs.

As the world leader in microbiological control agents, we’re ready to solve your most demanding formulation challenges.

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Dow Microbial Control
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