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Kemin Foods L.C is an international manufacturer and marketer of speciality ingredients for the vitamin and dietary supplement, food and beverage, and cosmetics and personal care industries.

As part of Kemin Industries, Inc., an international organization operating in more than 60 countries worldwide and headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa (USA), Kemin Foods brings a global perspective to the marketplace. That perspective comes from a talented and diverse staff of scientists, marketers, administrators and managers from all around the world and with distribution of its propriety products in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Superior Science

Kemin Foods earned its reputation as the antioxidant authority with proven success in the market after introducing FloraGLO®
Lutein to the vitamin and dietary supplement market in 1995. FloraGLO Lutein has helped boost multivitamin sales and expand the eye care supplement market. Although a relative newcomer to the cosmetics and personal care market, the knowledge gained from the vitamin and dietary supplement market has been translated to topically applied products. Additionally, Kemin Foods has a number of other research projects in its target markets.

Kemin Foods actively sponsors cooperative research with universities and research institutes throughout the world. It also supports further consumer education by underwriting the lutein Web portal Lutein Information Bureau (

Kemin Foods offers a variety of forms of FloraGLO Lutein for use in a broad range of product types. Whether products are sold in the vitamin and dietary supplement market, the food and beverage market, or the cosmetic and personal care market, a form of FloraGLO Lutein is available that is right for your particular application.

Superior Service

Foods' technical services staff and research chemists work in partnership with customers - and prospects - to develop new applications using Kemin products. We focus on efficiency, through knowledge of how Kemin ingredients work at the molecular level.

In addition to our extensive market-building efforts, Kemin Foods also provides marketing support, such as a program that allows manufacturing customers to communicate added value simply by using the FloraGLO Lutein logo on their packages.

FloraGLO Lutein can be an asset for your brand too. Contact us today.

Contact Details

Kemin Foods, L.C
600 E. Court Ave., Suite A
Des Moines
Iowa 50309

Tel: +1 515 248 4000
Fax: +1 515 248 4000