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Company Mission:

Lipo Chemicals, Inc. is a reliable worldwide supplier of chemical ingredients to the Personal Care, Food, Industrial, and Pharmaceutical industries. With a unique marketing approach and a focus on new technologies, Lipo offers a wide array of speciality, basic and naturally derived ingredients. At Lipo, we have a long-standing tradition of setting the highest standards of quality in our products, our people, and our methods to provide the very best service to our customers. As an ISO 9002 registered company, Lipo offers complete technical support, formulation expertise, and innovative product solutions. Expanded worldwide laboratory facilities and custom product development affirms Lipo’s commitment to the Personal Care Market.


New Products, Technologies, and Patents:

Lipo offers an extensive line of products for a variety of personal care applications. Among our newest products is the re-formulated, patent pending LipoLight™ OAP/PVA. This unique luminescent ingredient emits and diffuses visible light to dramatically reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.

Liposerve™ Preservatives offer a broad spectrum of options to maintain the stability and effectiveness of topically applied products during storage and use. They may be used in combination with each other to create customized preservative systems that address each phase of the formulating process.

Lipovol™ RASP, cold pressed raspberry seed oil, is among the newest offerings in our Lipovol™ natural oil line.


Our line of natural exfoliating products has been enhanced with the addition of Lipo RHS 60/100 Rose Hips Seed Powder.

LipoSatin™ PE-35, a satiny white powder with excellent oil absorption properties is among the specialty powders that we offer for cosmetic use.


We offer several new ingredients for creating striking visual effects. LipoCrystals™ is available in a broad range of colors suitable for lip, hair and skin products. LipoSphere™ Glitter is a unique delivery system to add glitter to hair, sun and teen products. LipoColored Lufa is an extension of our natural Lufa product, now available in four vibrant colors. This mild abrasive is ideal for bar and liquid soaps and exfoliating gels and creams.

For a complete listing of the ingredients we offer, please click on our website and click on ingredients.



Contact Details

Lipo Chemicals Inc
207 19th Avenue
Paterson NJ 07504

Tel: +1 973 345 8600
Fax: +1 973 345 5975