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United Guardian, Inc. is a publicity owned corporation whose stock is traded on the American Stock Exchange.

The company operates in three market sectors with personal care/cosmetic ingredients being the largest and most important in terms of revenues and growth. The company's research and development department has developed all of the company's products. The company prides itself on its R & D, which in terms of innovation and efficiency far exceeds the staffing and expenditures of the department.

The Guardian Laboratories Division performs all of these functions with respect to personal care/cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceuticals, health care products, and speciality industrial products. All of the products in this division have been developed by the company and are propriety products with unique combinations of properties. The personal care/cosmetic ingredients reach their market through a worldwide network of distributors, and are used by most of the major multinational cosmetic companies. The pharmaceuticals and special industrial products are marketed directly by the company.

Because of the company's multimarket approach, technology developed for one area is often adapted for other markets. Such is the case with the Lubrajel® line of moisturizing clathrates. Lubrajel Moisture Matrices are a group of products originally created as water-soluble, non-drying lubricants for medical use.
Because of their unique structure and functionality, they have found acceptance in personal care products around the world.

Lubrajel Moisture Matrices are safe, clear, multifunctional, moisturizing gels that deliver a variety of benefits in moisturizing systems, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products, tanning oils and gels, overnight moisturizers, hydrating complexes, skin revitalizers, acne products, cleansing systems and traditional creams and lotions.
Lubrajel Moisture Matrices come in a variety of grades, each with its own set of properties. From the most viscous
grade Lubrajel DV to the least viscous Lubrajel Oil, Lubrajel Moisture Matrices will impart a feel that is soothing,
smoothing, elegant and high-tech.

For the distributor in your country, and to find out more about the entire array of personal care ingredients made by Guardian Laboratories, contact them using the details below.


Contact Details

Guardian Laboratories
230 Marcus Boulevard
P O Box 18050
NY 11788
United States

Tel: +1 631 273 0900
Fax: +1 631 237 0858