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For over 14 years with extensive “IT and Cosmetic Market” expertise, Coptis has been a leading provider of Cosmetic R&D software products, based in the USA and Europe.

Coptis Lab, our major product, is an integrated system for formulation development and regulatory affairs. It enables the cosmetic industry to manage development projects efficiently, reduce time to market and improve the quality and reliability of information. Coptis Lab includes the various phases of the development of a cosmetic formula, from the marketing brief to the regulation file.

Coptis Lab enables customers to:
• Manage their development projects
• Formulate securely and access with one click RM and regulatory data
• Compare trials and follow up on their tests
• Perform regulatory analysis of their formulas
• Edit their specifications datasheet and certificates of analysis
• Ensure global regulatory compliant development
• Customise formula printings
• Generate the Product Information Files (PIF)

Coptis Tab: a complementary module to Coptis Lab that allows formulators to use Coptis Lab at the bench. It is an integrated solution with a tablet and bar code reader connected to a scanner and other laboratory measurement devices. Coptis Tab includes three functional modules:
• Identification of raw materials (RM code, Risk phrases, CMR warning, lots, labelling, LDU)
• Weighing (RM identification, sample and stock management)
• Tests results synchronisation (according to Coptis Lab Test module automatic planning)

Coptis Docs by M-Files: an Electronic Document Management System Incorporated with Coptis Lab, Coptis Docs by M-Files offers a powerful solution to complete the Production Information File and to manage its digital and electronic signatures with the 21 CFR Part 11 module.

Coptis’ Valuable Services
In addition, we provide valuable services that increase our customers’ performance:

Coptis Ingredients: a comprehensive database developed through partnerships with cosmetic suppliers listing more than 12,000 cosmetic raw materials.

Global Regulatory database integrated with Coptis Lab. Within the Coptis Regulatory Web Portal, the information on restrictions of specific ingredients worldwide is collected through the collaboration of regulatory groups, based on our clients’ expertise. Coptis Lab users can use the information for regulatory analyses on their formulas in real time.

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