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QENAX® Company Profile:

QENAX® develops and markets high value cosmetic actives. The products are based on plant or biotechnology derived natural ingredients. They are well tested for their efficacy, using methodologies of molecular and cell biology and tests on human volunteers to produce individualized in vitro and in vivo test data for single actives.

The network contacts to university close testing facilities which offer individualized efficacy tests enable QENAX to offer creative active claims for different customer concepts. The use of ingredient concepts with synergistic effects made by “mother nature” enable a much faster and less costly time to market. The key is to find interesting plants or plant ingredients with an added value for the consumer and to create efficacy tests to demonstrate the effect that fulfils consumers’ requirements.

QENAX® Philosophy

Actives based on standardised plant extracts

  • Well known plants with new effects
  • Aqueous/alcoholic solvent basis
  • Water soluble
  • Self preserving
  • Low use concentration
  • Natural ingredients
  • EcoCert approved

QENAX® Products and benefits

  • Cayoma® Olive
    • Against Oxidative Stress, the main Cause of Ageing
    • Skin Lightening and Age-spot Reduction
  • Cayoma® Ginkgo
    • Anti-inflammatory Activity, Skin Soothing and Smoothing
    • Active cell protection against DNA-Damage
  • Cayoma® Grapefruit
    • Detoxification of Phase I and Phase II Enzymes
    • Anti-Glycation Effect

Cosmetic Actives from QENAX®

  • High Actives content
  • Proven efficacy
  • Claim substantiation
  • Low use concentration
  • Product Details

Contact Details

Qenax AG
Einsiedlerstrasse 31a
CH-8820 Wädenswil

Tel: +41 41 544 60 50
Fax: +41 41 544 60 55